Ignorance leads to hate.
There is a need to tell the truth and document the sad facts for posterity.
Revenge or executing the murderers is not the most important thing.
All this won’t bring back the victims.
What matters is to get the testimony, for the testimony is for the generations.”
-Thomas Blatt (Holocaust survivor)

The post-election violence that erupted in Kenya and was characterized by property damage, senseless loss of life and abuse of human rights in January and February 2008 is highly unfortunate. The adverse effects of political trends on the lives of ordinary citizens, particularly on youthful Kenyans are shocking. Following the post-election violence, we now realize how fragile, how delicate is the shell of our culture, of our civilization; how easy, given the right circumstances, it could crack and the beast in us would come out yet again.

There is need for informed and unbiased opinion on these events, with the prime objective of healing and promoting peace in Kenya. Our main concern is not outlining what happened, but exploring why and illustrating how it can easily happen again.

Beyond Politics in Kenya seeks to examine the unfortunate situation Kenyans found themselves in. This is because unchecked, whatever happened in Kenya lays the foundation for large-scale genocide. When all is said and done, the wounds will heal, leaving scars to remind us just how valuable peace is.

Beyond Politics in Kenya is dedicated to those Kenyans who were adversely affected by the post 2007 general elections turmoil in Kenya. This highly regrettable situation, characterized by politically instigated murder and plunder, is something all Kenyans should learn from.

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