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There should be nothing like eight grinding hours at a dull job to kill your professional energy. When it comes to work, you may have to try out a number of positions until you find one that satisfies. Truth is, we all have something we love to do, and we know how to do it with panache. If your relationship with your career has gone as stale as a week-old bottle of champagne, it’s time to cry a little, get back on your feet, and find something new.
Here are positions to think about before you roll over and fall asleep:

You get dewy eyed just reading books on the habits of successful business professionals. What you really like is being on top. That’s why you need to pursue an MBA degree and find work as a management consultant.
Take a position with a consulting firm, or work as a private contractor like 21 percent of people in the profession. Why not? Job growth for management, scientific, and technical consultants is predicted to rise by a sweltering 78 percent.

You know the score. The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart passes through the alimentary canal. If you covet the hours you spend whipping up treats in your kitchen at home and are sick of popping a factory-made meal in the microwave before retreating to your office cubicle, consider culinary training. There are jobs at hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, resorts, small cafes, or corporate catering departments. Online schools offer degree programs that employers covet.

You’re hands-on, literally. There are two great things about massage therapy: employment is predicted to rise in the profession by 20 percent (between 2006 and 2016), and you get to help clients feel great. As any professional massage therapists knows, it’s imperative to practice sound ethical boundaries with your clients. Get your massage career training online through an accredited school.

Sure, the love of money is the root of all evil. But what if you love helping other people make money? Putting together a successful portfolio to send lovers on a honeymoon, find their dream home, or pay for their kid’s education makes you giddy.
Complete an undergraduate or post-graduate finance, accounting, or MBA degree and join one of the fastest-growing professional groups in the land. Jobs for personal financial advisors are predicted to rise by a red-hot 37 percent over the 2006-2016 decade.

You sneak fashion magazines into the employee lounge at work. The notion of the red carpet sends your pulse skywards. You can’t imagine why people in the office commit such heinous fashion crimes on a daily basis. Online associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in fashion design can prepare you to jettison that tired old job. Take classes in fashion trends, CAD design software, pattern-making, and anatomy. Earnings will set your heart aflutter, with the 2007 median wage of $62,810 and a high-end of more than $121,000.

You know who you are. You sweet talk clients and it turns you on just to think about how much influence you have. Private sector businesses, government agencies, and non-profit corporations depend on public relations representatives to put a positive spin on their daily affairs. The job outlook in PR is yummy, with an 18 percent job growth rate predicted through the decade.

If you’d rather seduce people with delicious figures of speech or tantalizing prose, consider going into advertising or corporate communications. Jobs for advertising sales agents are expected to rise by 20 percent from 2006 to 2016.Prepare for these roles by pursuing an online associate’s or bachelor’s degree in advertising, PR, or journalism.

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