Chuka University Collage

The establishment of Chuka University College was foretold way back in 1951 by a famous philanthropist and seer by the name Jerusha (pictured left) who said that a mountain shall come up at Ndagani.

The seer was known for her passion for education even though she never went to any formal school. Surprising to the people of the time, Jerusha could follow bible verses and sing from hymns books though she was illiterate.

The advice she had for the young people then was that a pen should be like a spear and a book should be like a shield. The vision of Jeusha has been fulfilled. Chuka University College has finally been established at Ndagani 58 years later.


Chuka University College (CUC) is located in Chuka Municipality in Meru South District, Eastern Province. The College is situated approximately 186 km from Nairobi along the Nairobi-Meru highway.

The University College (former, Egerton University Eastern Campus College, Chuka) was established on 27th September 2004, by Egerton University Council in order to enhance access to high quality and affordable University education to the people living in the Eastern region and Kenya at large. This endeavor was fast-tracked by the donation of 550 acres of land and other facilities essential for current and future expansion of the institution by the local community.

This included all the land and facilities formerly owned by Chuka Polytechnic which was founded in 1956. On 23rd August, 2007, the Eastern Campus College was upgraded to a Constituent University College of Egerton University and gazetted through a legal notice No. 161. After the elevation, the name changed to Chuka University College. On 10th December, 2007, His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki visited and officially inaugurated the College.

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