How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Research indicates that an average pregnant woman should expect to gain around 12 kg. This is an overwhelming weight if you ask me and after birth you will probably need to lose it to be able to go back to your svelte pre–pregnancy figure. But you don’t have to wait that long – that is after delivering.

The best way to control baby weight is to exercise which comes with added goodies such as protection against fatigue, varicose veins, swollen ankles, depression and insomnia. There is also evidence that woman who exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy have shorter labours and are less likely to need medical intervention.

Breastfeeding is also another way of losing baby weight. Breastfeeding mothers can expect to burn up to 500 calories a day more than their bottle-feeding peers. So assuming you don’t over-compensate by eating the high demands of breastfeeding should help you regain your figure quicker. In fact most of the additional weight is lost during the first three months after delivery. After this time the rate of loss slows dramatically. Less than a year is all you need if you stay focused.

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