What to wear to the gym

Most of us hardly think about what to wear to the gym. In fact, we don’t consider it a big deal at all. An old T-shirt, worn-out trainers, and extra baggy tracks will do, or so we think.

An internet poll conducted by revealed very interesting results about what people wear to the gym. But even more interesting was how other gym-goers were affected by what others wore. Many people had a problem with what others wore citing tight, baggy or ugly clothes.

While answering the question, “what do you wear to the gym?” 56% of the respondents said they wore loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, 6% wore form-fitting clothes and 3% said they wore the first thing they grab.

But the most interesting and perhaps disgusting, was the 3% who said they wore the same thing they wore the previous day. Now that’s just grossly unhygienic and shows total lack of etiquette, considering that other gym-goers have to withstand your smelly clothes for the duration of their training.

What you wear to the gym is very important in terms of your safety, comfort, and etiquette. If it’s comfortable, allows a full range of motions and adheres to gym regulations, then it’s good enough. What you wear is also of great personal relevance to who you are and what kind of statement you wish to make- if you wish to make any, that is.

Do you have toned abs which you like to show off in a sexy sports bra and shorts, or do you prefer to wear a sports bra and tracks even though a lot of gym-goers are uncomfortable with the rolls of fat you expose to them in the process? As already pointed out it’s not just about you. It’s also about the rest of the gym-goers.

So, what should we really wear to the gym? Here is a list of acceptable gym clothes and accessories: sweatpants, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, and sweatshirts.

At the end of the day, your work-out clothing should consist of any combination of comfortable garments that allow freedom of movements and a little modesty.

What not wear to the gym?

Very tight clothes- they are uncomfortable

Dirty clothes-try not to repeat clothes

The wrong undergarments or not any at all-not working the right work out bra can be painful and embarrassing. Thongs are a no, no.

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