How to register for CPA exams in Kenya

How to attain CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in Kenya

Every sector in Kenya requires someone qualified to handle their finances; someone who will keep them up to date and manage their money well.

CPA certification is offered by KASNEB ,an accredited accounting examination body in Kenya. KASNEB was founded in 1969, and ever since, it has been in the forefront in ensuring that companies get to hire the best to handle their money. True to their word, KASNEB (Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board)  strictly hold their entry requirements, making it hard for fraudsters and jokers to access this coveted certification.

They administer their examinations twice per year (May/June and November/December) and in a strict environment that guarantees a credible certificate.

Entry requirements for CPA certificate

  1. If you wish to register for KASNEB examinations that will make you a certified public accountant, then you must;
  2. Have KCSE certificate with a mean grade of at least C+ ( C+ both in Math and English) or
  3. Holder of professional examination certificate or KASNEB technician certificate
  4. A degree from a recognized university in Kenya
  5. Any other diploma/certificate approved by KASNEB in Kenya

How to register for CPA examination in Kenya

When making your application, there are unique forms that must be filled entirely to increase your chances of being admitted to KASNEB curriculum. These forms can be obtained from KASNEB offices (at Nairobi, KASNEB towers found on Hospital road in Upper Hill). You can register on the KASNEB student portal 

There are also other registered institutions that offer KASNEB examinations, and you can get your application forms there as well. If you cannot access any of the above options, then you can download the forms from their official website

After obtaining your registration forms, make sure to attach the following documents as you submit your application.

  1. KCSE Certificate copy
  2. Copy of your national identity card or passport
  3. Photos (passport size)

As we mentioned earlier, CPA exams are administered twice per year, i.e., on May/June and November/December. For this reason, make sure you make your timing well to avoid any complications. Note that late registration will attract a 50% fine on the standard registration fee.

Visit their website for more detailed information

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