How to start/set up a private school in Kenya

How to start a private school in Kenya

Education in public schools has a bad reputation and parents who can afford it prefer to enroll their children in private schools. Private schools are known to have a low teacher-student ratio, high academic standards, keen eye on discipline, safety and values.
While it is trend of parents preferring private schools is an indictment on the condition of our state run institutions; as an investor you can become a stakeholder in the education and assist formulate better policies, syllabus and quality of education in Kenya.
1. Determine where to start
What level will you start? How many classes will you start with? Most of the private schools start with lower levels, i.e., Nursery, Kindergartens, Baby-class and the likes. This is most important because unless you know where you are starting, you will waste time figuring out the required resources.
2. Write the mission of the school
While all the schools are there to instill children with knowledge, there always exists a behind-the-scene philosophy. This philosophy is what drives the school forward. While formulating your mission statement, remember to include the school values, your area of focus in the curriculum, the end goals/outcomes on the learners.
3. Look for private school committee
Choose well because the panel will be the founding members of your board of directors. To ensure that you have a strong committee, pick notable individuals from different expertise areas, for instance, marketing, law, accounting, and the likes.
4. Register with Ministry of Education
Visit Ministry of education offices and inquire about educational requirements for your private school. Apply for the permit to run and operate a private school.
5. Is it for profit or non-profit?
Determine your business entity. Most private schools are for non-profit and if this is the case, ensure that file appropriate paperwork for considerations in things such as Tax exempts.
6. Have a business plan
Remember the success of your school will depend on the plan and its execution. Include operational plans, educational plans, for instance, your area of focus in education and how to implement and assess.
7. Have a budget and get funding if possible
Seek expert advice in formulating your private school budget and make sure it includes capital expenses. The committee accountant should help you charter this channel. If it is a non-profit, you can get donations from different willing foundations and private donors, and apply for grants from the government.
8. Where will you build your private school?
Get a location. Will you renovate an already standing facility or you will start a new one? Consider other factors such as transport, water, and security.
9. Hire critical staff members
Critical members of staff include the business manager and the head teacher. You should hire them almost 17 months to school launching date so that they will help you in implementations of your business plan. Plus you will be having professionals at your disposal, avoiding you last minute hustles.
10. Do extensive marketing/promotion
Let prospective parents and students that your school is ready to receive admissions. Use local magazines and newspapers and also submit your school to online directories. Remember to have an official website and use it to provide valuable information such as admission requirements.
11. Begin admission process
Open your business offices and begin admitting new students. Remember also to order required materials such as furniture, educational supplies, and curriculum materials.
12. Conduct an interview and hire your staff
Find highly qualified teachers and other staff. To do so, you must have competitive compensation process. Today, the government has made it mandatory that every teacher should be registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Conduct training for your staff before they begin working, this will enable them to familiarize with the school policies, curriculum and know what is expected of them.
13. Open your school
It is time to open the school and start teaching. Ensure that your opening dates coincide with the ministry of education opening dates. Also, you can have a unique launch day where you invite respectable leaders from your community.

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  • Weldon Nyolei

    Hello Samuel

    I have a new school and looking for donors. Kindly hook me up with potential sponsors/donors. Or reach me through my email [email protected].

  • Rose kituyi

    Those who have already registered for pre school please help ,where do i start from?Am also looking for donors to help children from slums of Nairobi kayole to learn.I have buildings already of my own.

  • Rose kituyi

    Those who have already registered there pre school please help ,where do i start from?Am also lloking for donors to help children slums to learn.I have buildings already of my own.

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    Someone to give me a chance to run his business also I’ve some skills in school marketing ????

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  • What documentations are required during rgistration. Include atrachments if possible

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