How to Feed Chicken Layers and Avoid Wastage

Layers Feeding Schedule

Chicken rearing can be a very profitable venture if  it’s done in the right way.  There are many things you need to get right and one of them is feeding. Giving the right feed at the right stage from chicks to maturity will not only save on spoilage but will ensure proper development of your chicken.

Feeding in chicken production contributes about 60-70% of the total costs. Despite this, feed wastage is still a major problem among poultry farmers, contributing to even higher costs.

Developing a sound feeding program will help curb this.

Feeding Chicken Layers 

  • In layers allow between 35-60g of feeds per chick, per day.
  • Gradually introduce growers mash, giving 60-90g of feeds per pullet per day as your birds increase with age.
  • Once the birds reach laying stage provide a well-balanced formulated layers ration at about 110-140 g of layers mash per day.
  • Layers feeds should be accompanied with clean drinking water.

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