How to Spot Fake News

Lately there has been spiraling spread of fake news across many social platforms. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have had a better share of these fake stories.

It’s possible to spot false news if you are keen enough because they lack elements of a genuine story.

Here are tips on how to spot fake news.

Check the authenticity of the Source URL

A good number of fake news sites mimic the authentic news sources with some small twist. When in doubt type the real URL of the familiar news source to compare what is being features there.

Be Skeptical of Catchy Headlines  

Be in doubt if the story looks too good to be true or too shocking. If the stories seem unbelievable then they probably are

Do some Research?

If your source doesn’t look genuine, check out their about page just to know more about them. It’s advisable to read stories from familiar news sources.

Be on the Lookout for Unfamiliar Formatting

Fake news sites have unorthodox formatting, lots of spelling errors and awkward layouts. If you spot this signs then you probably are on a fake news site.

Check the dates

Fake news sites may have event dates that are altered while the timelines will not make sense.

Consider the photos

Fakes news sites use old photos, if you are a keen news reader you will notice a repeat of photos of a previous event.

Consider the source of the story

Genuine stories will almost all the time have a witness or some named source. When a story has too much of unnamed sources then there is need to have doubt about the authenticity of the story.

Compare with other news sources

When a story is genuine then it will most probably be featured on more than on site

Does it sound believable?

Some stories are intentionally a joke or parody. Check the source if it’s known for such stories. Also think critically about any story you read, DON’T BE QUICK TO SHARE SHOCKING stories.

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