Get rid of bed bugs fast

Bed bugs infestations makes most of us ashamed. Yet bed bugs do not choose filth. Any one can get those bugs from a seat on a taxi or matatu or a guest. The shame of bed bug infestation makes some people suffer in silence. Yet, there are solutions out here.

There are commercial products in the supermarket or Agrovet stores for getting rid of bed bugs. Killing bed bugs using washing detergents may not also work. Bed bug

Those pests are stubborn. To kill bed bugs can be challenging.

According to Rentokil, the bed bugs have evolved and are resistant to some of the insecticides currently in use. You can contact Rentokil for bed bug control and elimination

If all these have failed you try diesel (Warning, this is flammable).

If you have open flames in your house , do not dare. Eliminate clutter in your house (this reduces hiding places).  Pour some diesel in a hand spray and spray in the bed joints, mattress seams, behind peeling wall paper, under carpets, inside electric sockets, cracks, bed frames and headboard crevices etc.

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A blogger at Felix Okoli recommends kerosene for getting rid of bed bugs (Mafuta ya taa).

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