How to start with solar off-the grid

How to start with solar off-the grid

The simplest do it yourself off grid system consists of:
– Solar panel
– Controller
– Battery
– Inverter
– Electrical cables and power extensions

How to select the right battery
Go for a maintenance-free battery. They are labeled MF (meaning Maintenance free)
Go for solar batteries. They charge faster and discharge slowly compared to the normal car batteries.

Battery specifications:  A 45AH battery can run for 45 hours at a current of 1 amp. And it will give you 540 watts (45*12).

You should not drain the battery below 50% of energy stored. Therefore buy a battery that is twice your energy requirement to ensure that it lasts longer.

So, how do you select the right solar panel

How to select the right controller

How to select the correct inverter

The inverter converts the DC current into AC current. The watts of the inverter depends on the appliance you will intend to use. So if you have just need to light the house with 5 bulbs each using 10watts, the your inverter should be 5 X 10 = 50 watts or more.

DC input from 12V solar module, mains adaptor, or vehicle cigarette lighter socket
• Reverse polarity and over-current protected
• Reverse connection and ‘charge available’ LED indications
• Reverse discharge prevention

Cable size

What Cable Size For 300W Solar Panel?

You can the entire solar set up for home lighting on Jumia at a maximum of KES 20,000.
Alternatively, you can buy the components separately depending on your financial situation.

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