How to Accept Payments via mVisa for Shop Owners

If you are a merchant  then mVisa is a new way you can get paid at your shop hassle free. Registering for mVisa is simple and free and besides it does not cost you anything to run the service.

mVisa is a new payment service that provides a secure way to receive payments from customers with  a smartphone and a mobile application . mVisa seeks to  transforms the way customers access money from their accounts. Consumers can now access money from the mobile app on their phones and make payments to your merchant account using the information displayed on your mVisa merchant information panel (QR code). The merchant is notified each time money is received in the account.

So here is how to sign up for mVisa and start receiving payments for your customers conveniently.

The following banks run mVisa services , Cooperative Bank, KCB Bank , Family Bank, NIC Bank, National Bank Prime Bank.

What you need

  • Have an account with participating banks 
  • Smartphone with data connection 

The procedure 

  1. Get your account linked with the mVisa service at your bank.
  2. Get the mVisa app on you phone.
  3. Display the mVisa signage with your unique QR code at your store
  4. Start accepting payments from customers.



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