How to Avoid Sports Injuries

Sports is a lot fun, once you get the hang of it you never want to stop. Injuries though could cause you to miss out on the fun if you are not careful. Here are a few tips to help you avoid injuries and stay in the game.

  1. Put on protective pads, helmets etc.
  2. Always warm up before playing and cool down after.
  3. Master the rules of the game.
  4. Be on the lookout for others.
  5. Refrain from playing when you are injured.

Let’s discuss these points further

Put on protective gear

Different sports have their own kind of protective gear, this gears are meant to help protect you from injury.

Helmets come in handy for a lot of sports. Helmets protect the head in sports like hockey, American football, baseball, biking, skating and many more.

It’s important to know that each sport would have their kind of helmet. A good helmet should fit comfortably and tightly. If your helmet has a strap always fasten it.

Some other sports need mouth, knee, wrist and elbow guards, eye protection, and pads. Soccer, hockey and rugby has cleats, the shoes help increase ground grip and thus make a player more stable.

Consult your coach to know the kind of protective gear you need fir your sport.

Warm up and cool down

A light jog before jumping into the game helps ready your muscles for the rigorous activity. It’s not advisable to just start playing without some warming up. You shouldn’t even start stretching until you’re a little warmed up. So take a light jog to get loosened up and ready to play.

Master the rules of the game.

Rules help maintain order in a game, it keeps players checked at all times and therefore provide some sanity in the field.

Rules reduce injuries because you know what you expect from your opponent beforehand.

Most games have predetermined positions for each payer this ensures

Watch Out for Others

This is sort of a basic thing, you shouldn’t dive in a pool if there is someone where you would land.

If you opponents shoe less is untied it ganger to both of you. It’s best to advise them to tie it up.

Its good habit to let your team mate know you got it, just to avoid colliding when say running for a ball in football. Communication is good while in the field.

You need to be keen also to listen to your coach during a game this can help keep you safe.

Don’t Play When You’re Injured

Don’t ever get right back into play after sustaining an injury. If you are a sportsperson or you just love sports it gets tempting to get right back in the game after an injury. See a doctor and follow their advice after an injury, also give yourself time to heal otherwise you may get a much worse injury.


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