How to Apply for the Smart Driving Licence in Kenya

How to get the digital driving license in Kenya.

NTSA Kenya has started rolling out issuance of the Smart Driving Licence.At the moment they are only giving out the driving licence to those renewing. So it means you can only get the new smart driving licence if  yours is lost or mutilated. One needs to create an NTSA TIMS account first.

The new driving licenses come fitted with a secure computer chip that will store a driver’s data, it will also contain the driver’s KRA PIN, national ID Number and Blood Group.

The digital driving licence is loaded with points that get deducted every time a motorist commits a traffic offence. Once a driver reaches a particular threshold the licence will be suspended for a period. 

Here is the procedure on how to apply for the smart driving licence

Open a TIMS account.

TIMS is an NTSA Transport  information management portal.You can create your TIMS account easily online.

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Visit NTSA Offices

If you are in Nairobi the NTSA head office is in Upper Hill at the former World Bank offices . Its best to get there early (before 8:30 am) to avoid the long queues.

Confirm details

You will then need to log in to your NTSA TIMS account with an NTSA agent. They will confirm your personal details including blood type info.

Make payment Of KES. 3000

The smart driving licence will cost KES. 3000. You will need to have KES. 3,110 in your mobile phone which you will pay to the NTSA paybill number 206 206 to get the digital driving license. After step 3 you will then be required to make a payment of Ksh. 3,050 for the new smart Kenyan driving license via M-Pesa.

Capture Bio-metrics and signature

Your passport photo will be taken together with your bio-metrics and digital signature.

Once you have completed the process above, it will take five days for your Smart Driving licence to be ready.

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  • What a brilliant move. In future the national ID should cover this.


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