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How to Apply for KRA TAX Penalty Waivers

There are two distinct ways one can apply for KRA Tax Penalty and interest Waivers. You can go physically to your TAX station and to apply the waiver or you can do it online using the I Tax system. Here we look at how to apply for KRA’s penalties and interest waiver using the iTax system.

What You Need

Your i-TAX login credentials.

The Procedure.

  • Visit the KRA iTax website using the link 
  • Enter your KRA PIN number into the PIN box and click on Continue.
  • Enter your KRA PIN password and
  • Key in the summation of the security stamp and click on Login (Be keen to enter the right password i.e. Don’t use lowercase if it is a uppercase letter).
  • After login, you will see the menu label Debts and Enforcement. Click it once. It will  reveal the Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests menu item. Click on it to enter the details required.
  • Click on the Apply for Waiver for Penalties and Interests, under the page Choose Applicant Type as Taxpayer, and select Tax Obligation e.g. Income Tax Individual or VAT, then select Type such as penalty or interest or both.
  • You will the need to choose each year that a waiver exists and enter the value you wish to request for waiver and finally click on Submit.






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