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How to book your SGR Madaraka Express train ticket

How to book your SGR train Ticket

You have already sorted your Nairobi hotel or Mombasa hotel and now you want to book the Madaraka Express SGR train ticket…There are two way of booking the SGR train ticket.

Updated :02 December 2018

1. Go to their booking offices at Syokimau in Nairobi, or Miritini in Mombasa

This is resource intensive. You may take two hours to go to the train station and back…and you will spend money in bus fare or fuel or Uber ride charges.

2. Buy SGR tickets online and pay via MPESA

You can book and pay SGR ticket availability online at This is far the most convenient way to purchase SGR train tickets in Kenya.

3. Buy SGR ticket on your phone using USSD code *639#

You also need to have the amount equivalent to the train fare on MPESA…if you are going to pay immediately to secure your seat. First class ticket is KES 3000, and Second class ticket is KES 1000 for the adult passengers. Children above 3 years pay 50% of the adult rate. Child below 3 years is fee. – Updated 02 December 2018

You also need to have the id number / passport number for the adults before you begin the below process. Any time you delay to select an option…you will get the below error…deposing on your phone. Connection problem or invalid MMI code.
Step 1: Dial *639# from your Safaricom line.
Step 2: Select the train based on the timing…do you want the 8 am (Inter-county train) or 3.30 pm train.

Step 3: Select the departure station

Step 4: Select your destination

Step 5: Select travel date

Step 6: Choose a coach. This is either first class or second class

Step 7: Enter total number of passengers (I guess this includes any children in your group)

Step 8: Enter the number of children aged 3- 11 years in the group

Step 9: Enter full name and ID or passport number of the first adult. You will repeat the same step for all the adults in your group.

Step 10: I like paying now….summary of the ticket, destination and amount displayed for you.

Step 11: Update:::Madaraka Express:

Step 12: After some 30 seconds to 3  minutes times, you will receive a prompt to pay or  an sms with paybill number.

Step 13:Print the ticket .
Keep the message in step 12 above safe as you will require your reference number to print your ticket at the station on the day of travel. You will also need your National ID to verify your identity before borading Madaraka Express Train.

4 thoughts on “How to book your SGR Madaraka Express train ticket

  • Tyson Nganyi

    How should i book for children above 12 yrs to 18yrs who haveno ID Cards?

  • I keep getting the error when I am making payment that Mpesa payment has failed because the format of the account number is incorrect. Kindly assist

  • If the sms takes 15 minutes to come and the system gives you 10 minutes from generation of the sms, doesnt it mean that your booking would have already lapsed?

    • It is possible that the booking could have lapsed.This is something the SGR team will look into.


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