How to Choose A Good .Ke Domain Name

Choosing the Best .ke Domain Name for Your Website

Domain names or web address as many would refer, is your online business premise. It is where millions of clients can find you from the comfort of their homes, offices classroom or garden. A good domain name will ensure the success of your online presence. The big pain for most businesses then will be how to identify a good domain name that would guarantee them the much needed success.

Let’s look at some of the things to look out for when choosing a good domain name

Keep it Short

There is no long or short of this fact, a good domain name should be short. The number of characters should be between ten and twenty. Anything above twenty is not desirable. Most three or four letter domains are taken but if you can find this then you will have started at a good place. A good example of a three letter domain name is This is the site running this article.

About the number of words in a domain name, one word is perfect, two words is good , three is average but anything above three is just a waste of online space.

Easy to Memorize

A good number of people that use the web never remember to use bookmarks, they keep to memory. Complex domain names make it hard for your visitors to remember thus hampering your repeat visitors.

I could be short but if it a combination of letters that don’t quickly stick then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Easy to Spell

Keep in mind your target market and use a domain name that they can easily pronounce or spell. Complex combination of characters and words will not help much in getting people to visit your website again.

Make it Descriptive

The domain name should give your first time visitor an idea of what you are about. It is even better if the Domain name would contain specific keywords that are related to what you are about.

e.g. captures all the key characteristics of a good website but it says little about what the site is all about while points you in the right direction right away. Both of these sites offer web hosting services.

A lot of internet traffic comes in through backlinks and search engines. This means suggestive domain names will place you in a better position to capture such kind of visitors.

Is should be Brand Material

Catchy names and combination of characters will be more attractive to your visitors.

It should not Contain Numbers or Hyphens

To start off Google search box suggestion prefers domain names that don’t have hyphens, it will pick those first before going to the others.  Its better also to avoid any spelling mistakes on your domain name

Domains with numbers, hyphens or underscores look cheap and unprofessional.

Avoid using your Name

Don’t use your name as the domain name unless it’s the same as the name of your business. Individual names sometimes are a hard sale. Customers want to identify with a company rather than an individual. That said and done, you could still use your name but need to work at making it a brand rather than just any other name.

Avoid Trademark Infringement

Don’t be tempted to register someone else name or benefit from their brand or popularity.

Make use of a Domain Suggestion Tool

There are a number domain name suggestion tools out there. They will provide suggestions to available domain names based on your key words. These sites prefer people to register with them, but you could still just use them for checking the domain name you are interested with.

After all is done ,now it’s time to buy your domain name.  Ensure you buy your .ke domain from a KeNIC accredited register. is a web hosting service that can help you with .KE domain name registration and hosting.

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