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How to Replace Your NHIF card

The NHIF card is an important document that is required if one is to enjoy NHIF services .You need to present the card at the hospital for you to receive treatment.

This mean you need to always have your NHIF card at hand.Loosing it may be depressing but if it happens that you loose it, here is the procedure on how to replace your NHIF card.

The process of replacing your NHIF membership card is simple and takes a very short time to accomplish.

Whats you need

You need to have your membership number.

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Deposit one hundred shillings in the NHIF accounts at KCB Bank, Cooperative Bank or National Bank of Kenya

The Procedure

Visit the closest NHIF office .You can also do it at the nearest Huduma centre.(At huduma be sure to pickĀ  the NHIF ticket, at their offices ask for the card replacement desk.

At both places huduma center or NHIF office, issue the receipt to the clerk and in a short while you will have your NHIF card.

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3 thoughts on “How to Replace Your NHIF card

  • Gideon kipkemoi bett

    i misplaced my NHIF card and it has been dormant since 2017 how can i get another one since i want to start using from now.

  • I replaced my nhif card,my i.d no. is 10042134

  • John wagacha kamau

    I want ask whether I can register another new nhif card because old one am not paying from 2015, or what I will do, thanks


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