How to Close Your Kenya Power Electricity Account

If you happen to need to move a house that has had the electricity account under your name, it will be better to close the account and let the new owner get an account of their own. It will be beneficial as the new tenants will not use your name fraudulently

What you will need:

  1. A copy of your National Identity Card
  2. For corporate customers, copies of their Personal Identification Number (PIN) certificate and Certificate of Incorporation will be required
  3. Your account number

The procedure:

  1. You need to first pay up all your balances to Kenya Power. Once you have done this you will then have to collect the Supply Agreement Form from Kenya Power offices near you.
  2. Ask at the counter if there are any deposits to be refunded. If yes then go ahead and apply for a refund.
  3. Once all the processes as advice by the customer care assistant are done. Kenya Power will visit your premises to disconnect the electricity.

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