How to purchase and wear perfume

In the new way  of doing things, well may be due to hard economic times perfume vendors have found a new way to sell.  It is now common to find what has come to be known as perfume bars in most beauty shops. You could a number of small quantities of your best fragrance this way without having to break any bank.

You will find the perfume in oil form and you will have the option to choose the quantity you want. A good number of the perfumes have some semblance to the originals but you will get some that are of the mark.

Perfume on Taps is one of the shops that sell perfumes in this way. You will find them at Ehe Village Market if you are in Nairobi.

How to have your picks

It’s good to have a variety of fragrances to choose from depending on the occasion. You will sometimes need to wear perfume depending on your mood too.

Citrus scents are based on lemon and orange and smell spicy and clean.  You will find these ideal for outdoor wear. Most of those in this category are good for men.

Crisp, clean fragrance like Estee Lauder’s White Linen and Pleasures are nice for office wear.

Oriental and spicy perfumes are great for evening wear. Any perfume made from Opium is good here.

How to wear

It’s best to apply perfume at the pulse points like your wrist, elbows and neck

Don’t apply perfume on your clothes. It works best on the skin for it to work on the body odor.

Make it a habit to place the perfume directly on clean skin as applying it on dirty skin is counterproductive.

It’s not good to put too much of perfume on. A little of it applied well will create the desired effect. It is also a nuisance to others to have too much perfume on.

The in thing in the perfume wearing realm is layering.  It is the use of the same fragrance in your body splash, bath, perfume anti- perspirant and lotion. Layering will come in all manner of scents like vanilla, winter melon, raspberry and cucumber……Swornies Avenue House Kenyatta Avenue is the place to go for these.

Well now you know how better to smell great, have a fresh day while at it!

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