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Running out of memory space on your phone can be a frustrating experience. Freed up memory space on your phone ensures optimal performance. Even though current smartphones come with inbuilt storage space often than not you find yourself running out of this space if you are not careful enough. Here are some few tricks to help you free up space on your android smart phone.

Delete or Uninstall Unused Apps and Games

Games and apps usually consume a big chunk of memory space on your android phone. Thing is you may have a number of apps you really use or game you will ever play. This should be uninstalled to free up space on your phone.

To do this go to settings>Apps Click on an app you think you don’t need and the ‘Uninstall’ tab will appear click on it to remove the app

You should know though that not all apps can be uninstalled. System and pre-installed apps cannot be deleted although you can clear cache on these apps to help free up some little space.

To clear cache go to settings >Apps click on the app you want to clear cache

Delete, Resize or Move Pictures  

There are three approaches when it come photos and freeing pace on your phone.

Moving pictures is the easy way to handle space on your phone. Transferring pictures to a computer hard drive or flash drive is the best idea. You could also back up this photos on various cloud services i.e. Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr and Google+

For the photos you don’t want to move you can resize them with photo shrinking applications like AVG image shrink. It’s best to save the original full resolution image before resizing.

You can delete the unwanted pictures, those that are not very clear or repeated photos.

Move or delete videos

Videos consume a lot of phone storage space.  Sometimes you will find videos you don’t need on your phone. Services like WhatsApp, Foursquare and Instagram allow sharing of all manner of videos and this can fill up your phone. Start by deleting these funny and silly videos and then move to the ones you have taken by yourself accessing what you need to keep or delete

Once you have identified the ones you need to keep don’t store them on your phone. Find an external storage like a hard drive or flash drive. Same as photos you could still upload some videos on cloud or even better start a YouTube Channel and upload your videos there.

Move or Delete Music Files

More often than not you will find you have a bunch of music files on your phone. These take up space and yet with the advance of technology you could always stream your music online. Unless you really need these music you are better of deleting the music file and stream music when you need it.

Remove Unwanted Downloads

Peruse the downloads folder to see if there are any unwanted files. Delete files you no longer have use for and free up space while at it.

Clear Cache Data

Your phone apps store small pieces of data for future use – this information is usually in form of maps, temporary downloads, sounds, graphics, stuff like that. As times goes the phone collects a lot files some of which may not be required in future. It’s okay to clear this files because they occupy space yet you won’t need them.

To clear cache go to your phones Settings > Apps and click on “Cached data”.

There are many other things you can do to clear data that is occupying your phone space. Delete messages, notes or other documents you don’t need, to give you that extra phone space.

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