How to Clean an Iron Box

I don’t know if it’s just me or it happens to everyone, my iron box has always had this black spot on it. The black spot sometimes discolors my white shirts and that pisses me off really bad. Just the other day when i was discussing my iron box stain problem my friend let me in on a little secret. There are many ways to lean stains on an iron box but this will put you off balance. Your Iron will be clean as new.

How to Clean an Iron
www.how.co.ke : How to Clean an Iron

Method 1. Using Panadol Tablets

What you need

  • A pair of Panadol tablets
  • A piece of cloth for wiping

The procedure

  1. Plug in the iron box to warm it a bit. Don’t let it be too hot as it might scold you when rubbing on with the tablet.
  2. Take one panadol tablet at a time  and rub it on the black spot, this should slowly remove the stain.
  3. You will notice the spot pilling off from the bottom of the iron .Once the black spot is removed
  4. Wipe off the black matter  with a clean cloth
Iron-Box-After-Cleaning-with-Panadol www.how.co.ke



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