How to Get the Best Travel Insurance in Kenya

How to identify the Best Travel Insurance Cover in Kenya

Kenyans are traveling abroad mostly for business but gradually they are picking up leisure travel in and outside the country. Although the Kenya Tourism Board in conjunction with the ministry of Tourism has really done a good job at encouraging domestic tourism, Kenyans are mostly traveling abroad. With increased travelling, comes the need for good travel insurance in Kenya. There are many insurance companies in Kenya offering travel insurance but finding the best travel insurance in Kenya would be the headache of most Kenyan travelers.

Let’s look at what is travel insurance, who should be take travel insurance and what should be in a good travel insurance package. This is an effort to identify the best travel insurance cover in Kenya

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a short term insurance cover that provides among other things 24hours emergency medical assistance, compensation for loss of traveler’s property and travel delay, personal accident cover and other travel related emergencies occurring during the trip.

What does travel insurance cover?

Most people take travel insurance simply because they know they should have it when traveling or more precisely, they are required to have travel insurance before applying for a visa. They end up just picking any cheap travel insurance policy without consideration of the finer details. A well-considered travel insurance should cover all of the items listed below and more.

Medical emergency

Travel insurance covers a number of things but majorly medical emergency comes top on most of the lists of what is covered by travel insurance. This is the most worrying issue for most travelers. A good travel insurance provides sufficient cover or medical emergency.


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Description Cover Excess
Trip Cancellation $5,000 $100
Trip Curtailment $5,000 $125
Emergency Medical Expenses $500,000 Nil
Accident Only when travelling by Road Covered under section C
Evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains or funeral expenses Actual Cost Nil


Coffin Expenses N/A Nil


Emergency Dental treatment $2,000 Nil
Overseas hospital confinement Yes Nil
Return of minor children Actual Cost Nil
Additional travel and accommodation expenses 300 per day + same class flights Nil
Compassionate visit overseas Economy Class Flight Nil
Personal accident $75,000 $250
Personal baggage loss or damage $2,500 $100
Single article Limit 25% Nil
Baggage Delay $500 Nil
Loss of personal money $250 Nil
Loss of passport and document $250 Nil
Travel and Flight Delay $250 Nil
Missed departure $500 Nil
Missed travel connection $500 Nil
Personal Liability $500,000 $250
Legal Expenses $25,000 $125
Hijack, Hostage, Wrongful Detention $5,000 Nil
Hijack, Hostage, Wrongful Detention Per Day $100 Nil
Reimbursement of University /College fees N/A $ N/A $100


 Who should buy travel insurance?

As the name suggests travel insurance should be bought by nearly anyone travelling far and wide. The list here highlights best candidates for travel insurance.

  • Students traveling to the USA are required to have a qualified travel insurance plan during their period of study
  • A qualified travel insurance plan is needed by students travelling to the USA for their education. Generally most countries require foreign students to have some form of insurance.
  • Travelers applying for visa to the Schengen area countries are required to verify they have adequate travel insurance during their visa application period, depending on the span of stay.
  • Visitors to the United Arab Emirates need to have travel insurance when applying for a Visa. Typically what is needed here is health insurance.
  • In most jurisdictions tour travel companies require those using their group tours services to have insurance cover, this also applies to cruise travel companies.
  • As a general rule, many countries where you need to apply for a visa are likely to also require a minimum level of travel insurance.
  • Tourists and Business travelers need proper travel insurance cover due to the nature of their travels.Travel insurance provides peace of mind for those travelling abroad. When you are out on holiday you want to minimize everything else and just concentrate on enjoying your time. Many people when travelling in a foreign county have the fear of the unknown, travel insurance comes in to give assurance that all will be well even if things don’t go as planned
  • Diplomats make frequent trips to foreign countries for unilateral and bilateral talks. A forward thinking government does well if it takes travel insurance cover to forestall uncertainties associated with travelling.


Things you need to know before you buy travel insurance.

A good number of Kenyans are traveling abroad for business and leisure. This trips are expensive and come with many unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance comes in handy to cover you and ensure your trip is smooth and worry free.

Here are our tips and a few things you should know before you buy travel insurance.

Read between the lines
Its important to check what is being offered by your travel insurance. This allows you to know what is provide for in the cover so you know what you are and are not covered for before you start your travels.

Compare rates and benefits 

While it may be good to advocate for any travel cover out there. Its more important for one to actually compare the benefits. You need to match the benefits with the amount you are paying for. Our research shows Resolution travel insurance gives value for money.

If you need travel insurance in Kenya contact Kate on 0729673458

Don’t fall for the cheapest option
The adage cheap is expensive is well illustrated when it comes to buying travel insurance. While we advocate for the cheaper offers, we encourage you to find something that really represent your needs. Go for the cover that gives you peace of mind by covering more yet at an affordable rate.

You may have to pay first, claim later
Sometimes your travel insurance company requires you to pay your hospital bills up front, and then fill out a claims form to reimburse the cost. This may be mandatory, but often if you contact your travel insurance company first they can either send you to a hospital that they are partnered with, or write a letter of guarantee you can give to the hospital saying that they will cover the costs. Look into this.

The best travel Insurance Cover in Kenya
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    • Alvine,
      The cost of Travel Insurance depends with the number of days you need it for and the place you are travelling to.

    • Contact Kate 0729673458 on for advice on the cheapest Travel insurance package. It depends on where you are travelling to, your age and how long you will be staying.

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