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How to pay for the KRA Tax penalties

Kenya Revenue Authority  requires that all tax payers submit their tax returns by 30th June of every year. However due to some unforeseen circumstances you may miss the KRA tax return deadline and file late returns. If this happens KRA imposes tax penalties.

Why should you pay the KRA tax penalty?

There are a number  reasons why you should pay your tax return penalties . Top among them is that you wont be able to get a tax compliant certificate if you were to apply for one.

How to Pay KRA late Tax Return Penalties

Here is a procedure on how to pay your KRA tax  penalty before it begins accruing interest.

What you need to pay the KRA tax penalties. 

  • You need to know the penalty amount
  • You need to have the said cash
  • An active iTax account

Paying for your kra tax penalties is easy and quick. You have two options to pay for the KRA penalties , you can use  MPESA or do a bank deposit.

To make a payment on iTax follow these simple steps.
a) Log in to your web portal account through
b) Select payment registration under the payment drop down menu

c) Fill the required details on the payment information page, submit and download the E-slip.
d) Use the PRN as your account number. Make payment via M-PESA using the Pay bill number 572572 or use the downloaded E-slip as your deposit slip for Bank payments.

NOTE: You need the E-slip to pay for the KRA penalties via MPESA or bank (Cooperative Bank etc)

One thought on “How to pay for the KRA Tax penalties

  • I keep getting the error that I need to pay the principal amount first. But I did and I even have the certificate…
    Can someone help?


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