How to kill Cockroaches For Good

Cockroaches are a big menace when they attacks. Many homes the world over have cockroaches in varied quantities and sizes. If you want to kill cockroaches fast and for good , don’t spend your money various insecticides because most of them are not permanent solution. To eliminate cockroaches for good follow the procedure bellow.

What you need.

1. 50g Boric acid (main ingredient)

2.1pc fresh garlic onion

3. 1pc red onion

4. 100g wheat flour

5. Sugar.

6. Warm water

The Procedure 

Slice the onions into tiny bits,
Mix the ingredients above in a container
Roll into small balls
Stick them in areas where roaches love to hide and feed

Once a roach eat the mixture above disguised as leftover food, boric Acid works by interfering with the roaches digestive system.
The powder in the mixture clings on the outside of the cockroach, helping to kill other roaches when the affected roach return to their hiding place. Insects coming into contact with the boric acid will die within 72 hours.

If you notice  more roaches immediately after setting  the bait, don’t worry, its working!
The roaches are  trying to escape the chemicals killing them, thing is they wont run far.

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