How to tell a Fake Pastor

Christianity is under threat by the deceiver and it seems like his agents (fake pastors) are out-competing themselves to see how many souls they will lead astray. A lot of the would be “men of God” are not really what they say they are, they are the infamous wolves in sheep skin. They are preaching water and taking a lot of wine at the expense of the unsuspecting or gullible congregation. One serious website has even gone a head to put up a list of fake pastors in Kenya 

Here are  signs of a fake pastor 

1. They promise miracles
They are quick to demonstrate their good deeds
They are quick to announce their miracles and let the rest of the world to know.
2. They sale you anointing oil
3 They only pray to you when you tithe
4 They preach more about material prosperity: money, wealth and worldly success. 

5. They do not condemn sin  

True pastors will focus on warning you about sin and point you in the right direction
6.They give themselves Tittles .
They want to be “worshiped”. This starts with you calling them daddy or mum
they prefer to be called prophet or man of God etc. they want to take credit for the miracles they perform
7. They have big rings on their finger
8. They tell you the source of your problems is your neighbor or relative

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