How to Buy M-Akiba Treasury Bonds Via Pesalink

Pesalink and M-Akiba Treasury bonds

Local investors wishing to invest in M-Akiba, the government issued retail bond, can now enjoy higher transaction limits with PesaLink, the real time interbank money transfer service. To purchase M-Akiba bond via PesaLink, individuals will be required to have registered on NSE MyTrade and follow the M-Akiba Bond Buy process as per the steps below:

What You Need

  • Registered with M-Akiba
  • Registered with Mobile Banking or online

The Procedure 

  1. Login to your individual bank channel.
  2. Navigate to PesaLink option.
  3. Select Send to phone.
  4. Type 889 as the mobile number (This is the alias number mapped to M-Akiba collection account which is easier to remember than a 14 digit Bank account number)
  5. Enter Amount.
  6. Enter reason for payment (For M-Akiba Bond, customers will be required to insert their ID numbers).

CDSC through their nominated Bank will confirm payment receipt and issue corresponding security.

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