How to Register and Buy M-Akiba Bonds

What is M-Akiba Retail bonds 

A bond is a loan between a borrower and a lender. The borrower promises to pay the lender interest after every six months at a future date. The borrower also promises to repay the initial money given by the lender at the end of the agreed period.

M-Akiba retail bond has been issued by the government of Kenya to raise money to fund infrastructural projects. The government is aiming to raise 5billion Kenya shillings through the M-Akiba bond. The government raised a total of 150 million in the “special limited offer” which was issued on 23rd March with a closure date of 7th April but was sold out and closed two days earlier (5th April 2017)

The government will pay back the money at the maturity period of this bond that is three (3) years. Meaning you will be paid back your initial investment amount called the “principal” after 3 years in addition to the annual interest payment you will receive throughout the three year period. The interest rate for the M-Akiba bond is 10% per year and it is fixed. The interest will be payable twice in a year (every six months) for the next three years.

An investor can start with a minimum of KES 3000. There after one can buy multiples of KES 500

The minimum amount of bond to start with during the offer period an investor can buy per transaction is kshs 3000 worth of the bond. Thereafter one can buy in the multiples of kshs 500 per day until the full amount of offer is exhausted. There’s no restrictions as to how an investor shall buy in the secondary market.

There is a limit of how much you can buy per day; if you choose to use mobile money payment channel (M-pesa/Airtel Money) daily allowable limits of Kshs 140000 per investor per day. However if you are using Pesalink maximum transaction limit is KES 999,999 per transaction. Daily transfer limit is depended on your bank account balance.

Benefits of   buying M-Akiba Bond

  • M-Akiba bond is a low risk savings/ investment product as it is backed by the financial might of the government.
  • It is affordable at only KES 3,000.
  • It is a steady source of interest income paid every six months.
  • Interest is tax free.
  • Guaranteed exit option. You can sell the bond from anywhere within the normal trading hours (9.00 am- 3.00 pm)
  • Effective way of saving money for the future as it earns a high return
  • Very convenient to acquire and dispose given it is all mobile based.
  • Confidential and secure.
  • Gives you flexibility to transact, can transact from anywhere and anytime.

Who can buy M-Akiba bonds

Any Kenyan citizen with a mobile phone and mobile money can buy the bond. The M-Akiba bond is different from other bonds previously issued by the government, it’s minimum investment amount is kshs 3,000 compared to the kshs 50,000 minimum amount expected of investors buying the other bonds.

How to Register For M-Akiba CDS Account

  • Dial *889#
  • Then choose option 1- English
  • Then choose option 1- GOvt of Kenya
  • Then choose option 1- MAKIBA MK01
  • Then choose option 1- Register
  • Then enter the ID number to register your mobile money.
  • Then enter preferred PIN( your choice of PIN)
  • Confirm preferred PIN( Confirmation of your choice above
  • Choose option 1 to accept Terms and conditions.
  • Then wait for 5 minutes your account to be active and a confirmation notification for the registration.
  • For pesalink registration ensure you are registered for M-Akiba.

How to buy M-Akiba Bonds on your Phone

  • Dial *889# on safaricom or airtel
  • Choose option1- English
  • Choose option1 – Govt of Kenya
  • Choose option 1 – MKAKIBA MK01
  • Enter PIN
  • Select option 1- Buy
  • Amount- Kshs 3,000 being minimum
  • Select option 1-confirm

How to buy M-Akiba Bonds via Pesalink (Through your preferred bank)

Select pesalink option

Choose send money to phone option

Type 889 as the phone number

Enter amount of bond

Under reason for payment/narration enter ID number and then Submit.

You will receive an sms confirmation for Pesalink and respective bank and a confirmation message from CDSC confirming your buy.

To track your investment simply dial *889# and go to the “My Account” menu, you will be able to view your statement.

The cost of buying the M-Akiba bond during the offer period (primary market) see discounted MO charges on M-Akiba website There are no sms charges when you buy using pesalink between now and August 12 2017,after which charges shall apply. Charges may vary from bank to bank. Total cost of secondary buy and sell is 0.335% of the value of the transaction. Normal mobile money transfer charges shall apply (Normal pesalink charges shall apply after August 12 2017) to load or withdraw money from your mobile wallet. To view detailed M-Akiba costs and returns go on to

Charges for Buying M-Akiba Bonds

10 50 0
51 100 0
101 500 9
501 1000 9
1001 1500 14
1501 2500 14
2501 3500 15
3501 5000 23
5001 7500 33
7501 10000 64
10001 15000 68
15001 20000 90
20001 25000 90
25001 30000 90
30001 35000 90
35001 40000 90
40001 45000 90
45001 50000 90
50001 70000 90



Charges for Selling Bonds

KES /Minimum KES/ Maximum CHARGE
0 1000 14
1001 1500 18
1501 70000 20


You can sell your bond after closure of the initial sale period through NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange). You may sell part or total investment you had made, your ability to sell at will is guaranteed through a liquidity arrangement with a bank that will ensure you are paid your sale money between 9.00am -3.00 pm during the week days excluding holidays.

When you sell your bond you will receive your money immediately in your mobile money. For those who will have used pesalink payment channel their money will be credited into their bank account. The amount you will receive will include any accrued interest earned but will be less the mobile money/pesalink charges and statutory levies.

If you sell bonds before interest payment date you will not lose your interest because interest is earned on daily basis. Accrued interest up and until the date of sale shall be paid to the seller immediately upon sale. Owing to the mobile money charges and statutory levies it is advisable to sell the bond after day 60 from the bond value date (24th July 2017) after this date you will be able to get your full initial investment, however to enjoy the maximum return from the M-Akiba it is highly  recommended to hold the bond to maturity.

How to contact M-Akiba

You can reach M-Akiba in two ways. Through email or phone

Contact call center 0206900020

Email [email protected]



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