How to post a blog article via email

Sometimes we get busy and lack the time to write or update our blog. You can sometimes request a writer to pen some content for you but the quality may not meet your criteria…or you may want to review the final draft before it is published online.
I want to share with you an easy way of editing/reviewing content and publishing on your blog.
This feature is available on major blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger.
The Mail-to-Blogger feature turns any email account into a blog-posting application. In Settings | Mobile and email you can create a Mail-to-Blogger address which you will use to send posts via email to your blog:
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The format of the email address is [email protected]. Note that this email address must be kept secret. Otherwise, anyone who gets it will be able to post as you to your blog.
Also be sure to specify whether or not you prefer your email posts to publish automatically. If this option is not checked, then your posts will be saved on your account but will not appear on your blog until you sign in to and publish them yourself.
Once you have saved your Settings, you can send email to your blog. The subjects of your emails will be the titles of your posts, and the body of the emails will be the posts themselves. To include an image in your post, you can attach an image to your email.
Sometimes email programs append text to the bottom of each sent message; to make sure this cruft doesn’t get posted to your blog, put #end at the end of your post.
WordPress : Post to your blog using email
You can post articles on your WordPress blog after installing any of the two plugins below:
Post by Email:
Postie Plugin:

Post by Email Plugin

Postie Plugin
Postie offers many advanced features for creating posts by email, including the ability to assign categories by name, included pictures and videos, and automatically strip off signatures. It also has support for both IMAP and POP3, with the option for ssl with both.
If you need assistance in setting up a blog via Blogger or WordPress…contact us.
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