HOW TO PRIORITISE YOUR WORK: Time is an essential component of everyday life but as it were most people fail to manage it properly. A key aspect of time management at work is prioritising tasks. Effectively prioritising means that you always make deadlines well in advance, have a good handle on your work load, and have the capacity to produce good quality work because you are not rushed to produce work at the last minute. Here are a few ways to help you prioritise: •

Priorities list :Make a ‘to-do’ list. This is a convenient way of keeping track of all the tasks that you have to do. There are many ways to list your priorities: a spreadsheet, a day planner, or a list pinned up on a wall. It should be visible from your workspace and easy to update. •

Review your list regularly :Your priorities probably change on a daily basis as other tasks come in and get crossed off your list. Spend five minutes of your work day to review your list and make sure that you have not overlooked something. Highlight the priority and urgent tasks for immediate attention. •

Cross it off :Whatever your preferred method of list making, make sure that you have the ability to cross completed tasks off your list. This is very rewarding and can act as a reward mechanism for completing tasks. Prioritising your tasks gives you structure as well as giving you a goal to work towards. In addition, making a priorities list reduces the mental strain of having to remember which task comes next. Invest in prioritising your tasks to de-stress and manage your time better

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