How to Register for M-Pesa

M-pesa comes from two English and Swahili words. M stands for mobile while pesa is a swahili word for money. In simple M-Pesa means mobile money. M-pesa is undoubtedly the revolutionary mobile money transfer service that was pioneered in Kenya and took the world by storm. The service has been very successful that it’s now copied the world over. In news we are told the former Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph is trying to start M-pesa in some Middle Eastern county.

Well here in Kenya the service is a house hold name that moves billions of shillings daily to facilitate trade and livelihoods. If you are new to the region and you are wondering how to sign up for the wonderful service then worry not. It’s a simple excise that requires one to only own a Safaricom line.
To register all you need is a form of identification to ascertain your nationality. In this case foreigners will need their passports while nationals will need their passport or national ids. If you are a diplomat or military officer then your official identification documents will be required.

Armed with this things visited the neared Safaricom shop or appointed agents and request to register for M-pesa . It will take about ten or so minutes and you will be hooked to the best money transfer service in the world.

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