How To Register For An Alien ID In Kenya

All foreigners residing and intending to get a work permit need to get an ID. The identification issued to them by the Kenyan authorities is called an Alien ID. The Alien ID is also a precursor to acquiring the KRA Pin .

Refer to How to apply for the KRA pin online

Unlike before you can no longer apply for your Pin with the passport as a foreigner. This therefore necessitates the need for a foreign national to apply for a Kenyan Alien card.

An alien Id is processed by the Ministry of interior and coordination of national government (Through the directorate of Immigration). The procedure is as listed below:-

What you needĀ 

  • The registration of alien card application form
  • Valid travel documents i.e. Kenyan Visa
  • Two passport size photos
  • Registration fee (Kes 2000)
  • Present yourself at the ministry for fingerprint processing

It will take up to five working weeks for the card to be ready. The issued card is valid for two years after which you need to renew it.

How to replace your lost Kenya Alien ID

If for some reason you happen to misplace your card, you will be required to go through the process above as though you are applying for a new card.

You will pay the KES 2000 registration fee.

Fill alien card renewal application forms A1 or 2 and

Have your fingerprints processed afresh.

Provide two passport photos.
For more on alien cards and download of application forms go to Directorate of Immigration

Alien Card Application FormĀ 

Alien Card Renewal Application Form

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6 thoughts on “How To Register For An Alien ID In Kenya

  • Shilpesh

    Hi I M trying to register for my mum n it’s rejecting.m I supposed to first go to ecitizen n then will be redirected to
    What r the exact requirements.Kindly advise.

  • They got the name wrong on my aliens card. How do I go about getting it corrected? What’s the exact process whether to be done online or in person.

  • Does the serial number change upon renewal of the Kenyan alien identity card?

  • Mawerere jonah

    When applying for an alien id am I not issued with a temporary permit before the processing of the original alien id

  • Nina Richner

    Is there any chance of getting Alien Card Number faster then 5 weeks? I mean if only the number can be allocated and communicated to the person who applied and the card can be send later…..Need number urgently as my Personal effects are stuck and can not enter the country.
    Thanks for your reply
    Nina Richner

    • Benjamin

      When you apply for an Alien Card they will fill a small paper with all the details to be used as a temporary validation of registration until you get the photo ID. My photo ID took over a year to process.


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