How to get blockbuster movies on demand in Kenya

Dstv is changing the way you watch blockbuster movies in Kenya. Long are the days when you needed to wait for a long time after a movie was premiered for you to get a copy of it. With Dstv box office you can get it all in your house. Dstv box office is the new movie rental service providing Dstv customers with the ultimate in house TV entertainment.
It’s a video on demand service that allows one to rent and watch the latest blockbuster movies in their homes on their dstv explora decoders. The service only costs KES 230 per movie payable through M-Pesa. The 1st movies comes free courtesy of Dstv Kenya. With Boxoffice you can now watch the latest blockbusters before they become available on TV. This marks the end of those blurred pirated camera copies that movie lovers have been forced to watch because of lack of an alternative.

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