How to Register for M-PESA

Once you buy a new Safaricom line and need to use the M-pesa service, you need to register for before you can start to use. Ideally the line need to be registered first then the M-pesa service. Registration of the line and Mpesa can be done at any MPESA agent.

What you need

  • An identity document. This will be either of the following
  • Your Kenyan ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Diplomatic ID
  • Alien ID
  • Your Safaricom phone number

The Procedure

  1. Equipped with the documents above, visit the nearest M-Pesa agent
  2. Request to be registered as a new M-Pesa user at the nearest M-Pesa agent

Once registration is complete, M-PESA will send you and the Agent an SMS confirming that the registration has been successful

  1. Activate Your M-PESA Account

. Activate your M-PESA menu on your account using the ‘4-digit Start Key’ sent to you by M-PESA as per the following instructions:

Go to Safaricom menu and select M-PESA

  • Select ‘Activate’ or ‘Wezesha’
  • Enter the ‘Start Key’ (4-digit number received from M-PESA)
  • Create a new PIN (a preferred 4-digit number that will be your PIN)
  • Confirm the PIN by entering the 4-digit number again
  • Enter your ID number (same as the one the agent entered upon registration)
  • M-PESA will send a menu to your phone with a ‘Secret Word’, press OK on receipt.
  • If you do not receive a Start Key upon registration or accidentally delete your Start Key SMS:
  • Call line 234, or go to any Safaricom Retail Shop and request for a new Start Key
  • A new Start Key will be sent to you via SMS on your mobile number
  • Activate your M-PESA account as per instructions above

You can register for your M-PESA account for FREE at any of our authorized M-PESA agents countrywide.

To register, go to an authorized M-PESA Agent and:

Step 1: Replace Your Old Safaricom SIM Card

Upgrade your Safaricom SIM card if necessary at a fee of KSh 50 (All new Safaricom SIM cards have the M-PESA menu)


You need an M-PESA PIN to send or withdraw money from your account and while using the M-PESA menu on your Safaricom SIM. You must keep your PIN secret and should therefore choose a combination that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

Do not share your M-PESA PIN with anyone, not even Safaricom staff. You can change your PIN at any time from the M-PESA Menu on your phone at NO COST.

M-PESA Secret Word

You will receive a ‘Secret Word’ when you activate your M-PESA account. You are required to present this Secret Word to identify yourself when calling the M-PESA Customer Support (line 234).

Do not share your Secret Word with anyone other than Safaricom Customer Support Staff.

You can change your Secret Word to a word that is more memorable to you, by choosing ‘Secret Word’ under ‘My Account’ on the M-PESA menu, at any time free of charge.

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