How to register for M-PESA paybill or till number

How to register for M-PESA paybill or till number (Buy Goods) as a business or organization. M-PESA paybill and By good as services under the Lipa Na M-PESA (pay using M-Pesa).

Go to your Safaricom line.
Dial *100#
Select MPESA
Select M-PESA Products
Select M-PESA Paybill request or M-PESA Buy Goods Request

Application for Mpesa Till Number / MPESA Paybill as a business.
1. A well-filled application form and Terms and conditions
2. A copy of your business permit license.
3. A copy of your National ID/Military Service Number (Passport/Alien Certificate for Remote Nationals).
4.. A Copy of Utility Bill or Business Photo to affirm the presence of the Business
5. Canceled cheque leaf or letter from Bank affirming your bank details as filled in the form.

After filling the application form with all your correct details you will need to present the documents to the nearest Safaricom shop to you.
The process of getting your Till number is FREE.
It takes 48 working hours to process and get an Mpesa Till number if all documents are presented well.

Difference between Paybill and Mpesa Till number (Buy Goods)
The main difference between the M-PESA paybill and MPESA Buy Goods is that with the paybill a customer buying from your business does not need to be at your business premise to make the payments. He/she will enter an account number. Say you run a school, when a parent is school fees, under account he can enter the student’s admission number for example. If you are buying a token from Kenya Power, you enter the meter number e.t.c.

The M-PESA / MPESA Buy Goods, or till number, a client will only enter the till number and amount. This is ideal in a hotel setting, supermarket, salon business…where people walk in and pay in the presence of the business owner.

The other difference is that Buy Goods/ Till number does not charge the customer a transaction fee. The business bears the charge. While the PayBill, there are those that charge the customer, some do not charge and some spit the transaction costs (between the business and customer).

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