How to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Time is a very important component of our daily lives , making good use of it is what sets us apart. here are a few tips on how to save your time and get productive while at it.

Having good habits and a routine. Routine helps you plan your day/week ahead and prioritize on what is important. Having to decide every time is exhausting your will power.

Have a notebook / to do-list app
Your memory may fail you to recall that wonderful million dollar idea. Write it down and prioritize

Your wardrobe
Prepare your clothes/outfit for the entire week, over the weekend. Include belts, shoes. So that you don’t have to think about it.

Clean up / de-clutter
De-clutter your desk, organize your documents. Label your files. This saves you a lot of time when looking for a document. This applies to your machines – laptop or phone. Delete any files, photos that are not useful or store them off your work space.

Say ‘no’ more often
Stop those unnecessary engagements…projects / board memberships / friends anything that is of prestige but has no value to you or those around you. Party hopping and spending time in the pub every day is a waste of your time and energy.

Move closer to work
If you commute to work, figure out the fastest route to work. OR move closer to your work place.

If you are a manager you can empower those below you to make decisions that are worth KES 10,000 or less. Those monthly bill payments like electricity, water and rent…do monthly standing orders

Social media diet
The first thing I did with social media is unsubscribe from those email prompts. You don’t need to know every time someone pokes you.  You can check Facebook once a day to update your status and interact.

Turn off email notifications. Unsubscribe from all those newsletter that you never read.

Keep your self-health (Illness can waste your time and money)
Go for checkups, do daily physical exercise / work outs and eat a balance diet.

Schedule a date with your spouse /partner and children
Why does this save time? You will always be on the same page. Your spouse and children will know you plan for the coming days. They will be able to give their feedback and hold you accountable and will allow you time to focus on your goals.

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