How to Save on Drip Irrigation in Kenya

A little known Kenyan company has an innovation that has the potential to transform agriculture in Kenya while lowering the energy cost associated with irrigation. Irrigation in Kenya usually requires a considerable amount of energy to pump water to reservoirs or directly to the farm.

Using a solar pump instead of a diesel petrol grid electric or manual pump saves lot .Most farmers in Kenya spend an average of kes 500 to 1500 daily on fuel to operate their water pump. This cost could be saved and directed to other profitable ventures in the farm thus increasing agricultural productivity in Kenya.

Sun culture Kenya ltd – as the company is known has devised a technology that enables one to tap solar energy directly and use that on a pump. This pump then directs water to a raised water tank.

The Agrosolar irrigation kit combines the use of solar water pumping technology with highly efficient drip irrigation. The kit has everything a farmer needs to grow more crops while spending less.

How does the kit work?

The kit is designed to pull water from any water source using solar power. The panels supply the pumps electricity directly without the need for expensive batteries as is the norm. The idea is to store water in a raised storage tank during the day.

When it’s time to irrigate a valve on the tank is opened allowing water to flow to the drip irrigation system and on to the crops through the irrigation pipe or tape.

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