How to Spot a Genuine Man

Good men are hard to find. How does a dating woman identify a good man in this “microwave” relationship society? This is the question running in the minds of most ladies.

He gives quality time

Do you spend a whole day with him and not feel out of place?

He likes to be around you

Does he tag you along when he is doing his errands or say when he is going to the barber. When a man likes you and values you he tends to want to show off the jewel his found.

He speaks words of affirmation

A good man sees the value in you. He strives to make you feel comfortable and encourages you to pursue your passion. He offers to support you where he can.

He affirms and complements you all the time.

He performs acts of service

Good men do “good things”. They go out of their way to make that spicy meal. Do your laundry once in a while. Serve you breakfast in bed if that’s how you like it.

He has a loving touch

Some men can be quite touchy but your sixth sense should tell you the difference between a man who is experiencing love and one who is taking his liberties

He gives meaningful gifts

Gifts are a sign of affection, they don’t have to be expensive or big but rather it’s the thought that counts.

He is interested in knowing your people.

He would genuinely like to know your family and the people that matter to you.

His availability

How available is he, does he give you time or is he always busy doing “something important”?


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