How to Withdraw Mpesa from the ATM

Withdraw Money from MPESA via an ATM

Have you ever wanted to withdraw money from MPESA very early during the odd hours say 5.00 am or at mid-night, only to be disappointed because all MPESA agents have closed for the night?

Or you have left your national identity card at home, and you need to withdraw cash from your MPESA urgently.

There is a solution for you. It has been there for a while now…M-Pesa ATM withdrawal. PesaPoint and a number of Banks now offer M-Pesa ATM withdrawal. You can withdraw funds from MPESA by simply locating any participating Bank ATMs near you.

List of Banks Offering M-Pesa ATM Withdrawal

  • Equity Bank
  • Diamond Trust Bank
  • KCB
  • Family Bank
  • NIC Bank
  • PesaPoint ATMs

What you need to use M-Pesa ATM Withdrawal Service

You only need your phone – no national identity card or ATM card. This comes in hand if you have lost your national identity card or misplaced it.

To withdraw cash you will need to follow these instructions:

STEP 1.On your phone:

  • Go to the M-Pesa Menu on your phone
  • Select ‘Withdraw Cash’
  • Choose ‘From ATM’
  • Enter Agent No. which is 555555 if you’re using ATMs from Diamond Trust Bank, Pesapoint, ,Family  Bank ,NIC Bank or KCB and at Equity Bank ATM the Agent Number is 286286
  • Input your M-PESA PIN

You will receive an SMS notification from M-PESA with a 6-digit authorization code. (The code expires after 10 minutes and you will be expected to initiate the transaction afresh if you need to withdraw money again.)


  • Select the M-PESA button on the Bank ATM
  • Pick your preferred language
  • Enter the SIX-digit ATM Authorization Code on the ATM keyboard.
  • Input  your Safaricom mobile number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, press CONTINUE to proceed with transaction.
  • The ATM will dispense your cash and issue you with a receipt. You will also receive an SMS from M-PESA confirming the transaction.

Safaricom Mpesa Withdrawal Charges for ATM

Min (Ksh)  Max (Ksh)    Mpesa Charges

200           2,500           34

2,501        5,000           67

5001       10,000           112

10,001     20,000          197


With any technology, things can go wrong. If for instance, your attempt to withdraw the cash is not successful and the money in your MPESA account is deducted, contact the ATM provider immediately. Hold on any slip generated by the ATM so that you can follow up on the refund.



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  • I wish i remembered the ATM option Many times i have had hard time convincing the teller why i din’t have my ID.


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