It’s never too late to start exercising

Keeping fit is the latest fuzz in town. It seems everyone has suddenly realized the need to keep fit: courtesy of the lousy lifestyles we have been leading. Sedentary lifestyles are causing early deaths for millions, yet many of us find every excuse not to turn off the television and go for a walk. It’s never too late to give up your bad habits and adopt new health ones.

On an average day people walk to the shop and bus stops before they slump into couches or hutch over their desks at work. According to latest studies, only two in eight adults get the recommended 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most of the week, especially in urban areas. Yet exercise is one of the single most important things you can do to stay healthy.

Besides reducing stress and improving mental health, even modest amounts of exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and some forms of cancer. You will at the same time feel, look and work better.

It’s not only adults who are failing to achieve the required physical fitness levels. Most health authorities are concerned about the poor eating exercise habits of children and believe that the life expectancy that has recently been on the rise may decline, as this generation of children reaches adulthood and falls victim to lifestyle diseases

Children are affected by the combination of the increase distractions of the television, computers and video games, as well as a drop in physical education at schools. This leads them to play less coupled with the rise in apartment structures that have taken up playing areas that would otherwise be there in the case of town houses.

At some point in the past it was a man’s thing to exercise. It was them who went to the field to play football while the women were left at home to cook and watch over the children. But through information and education more women are embracing exercise as their way of life. A spot check indicates that most subscribers of gym membership are women (though this is also due to the fact that they want to maintain slim figures that is a fashion fad in the 21st century)

The need for physical fitness cannot be over-emphasized. Physical fitness affects the total person ranging from his or her intellect, emotional stability to physical conditioning. So if you are still seated, it’s time to get up and tone that body.

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