Police Reforms

the police
the police
You have heard them say they wanna reform the police. The question is how serious are they?if anyone thinks he can fight corruption them the place to start is ensure the law enforcement officers are free from the vice. this way we will be able to make sure that everyone is following the law to the later.

The police should be provided with amond other things decent housing, better pay and at least some form of insurance against many occupational risks that arise. i don’t see why the people involved don’t seem to want to do the right thing. i suppose that if action starts here then the way forward will be quite clear. that way when you tell them not to take bribes and they do then you can punish then real hard because they have no reason to.
Like right now the police stations themselves look like ruins yet people are supposed to wark there and feel good. this are jsut but among the little thinks that should be looked at if any meaningful progress on combating crime and corruption should happen.

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