How to Do SPSS data analysis in Kenya

SPSS is a statistical analysis software used by social scientist to run analysis on a given data.

For example a restaurant owner may want to know if gender affects a patron’s choice of drink. Such analysis is very easy to carry out using SPSS.

SPSS is also used by university students during their research work especially during post graduate studies.

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2 thoughts on “How to Do SPSS data analysis in Kenya

  • Hallo,
    I am Joseph a post graduate student at Kenyatta University pursuing master of environmental science.
    I have gone to the field and collected 180 questionnaires which i have no idea how to proceed on the analysis.
    Do you think you are in a position to handle such data for MSc and do a thorough work? Then how are the payments because this may dictate the speed at which this analysis could be done?
    I would appreciate if you could respond to my queries soonest.
    I look forward to getting some assistance from you.

    • We need to review the questionnaire. Can you email a sample of the questionnaire to rich a t We will guide you SPSS data entry, SPSS data analysis and report writing.

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