Top 5 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya for Android, iOS device

Top 5 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya for Android, iOS device

This context will take you through the best loan paying apps for Kenyans. Customers who feel constrained financially can take the help of these loan apps and repay anytime at their convenience.

Ipesa Loan App

Ipesa loan app is the number one reliable and secured application that grants its applicants with a personal loan. The application makes getting a loan as simple as ABC, offering you to create a credit account, encrypt the data, and protect the privacy of the holder in the most official way.

The longest tenor is 180 days and the shortest tenor is 91 days.

The interest rate of Ipesa Loan app is charged at a rate of fifteen percent.

The loan limit of Ipesa loan app ranges from the minimum value of Ksh2000 to a maximum value of Ksh10,000.

Timiza Loan App

With the all-new Timiza loan app, you can do banking without having to spend hours even at your nearest bank branch. Tap a few tabs and open account at Timiza loan app and enjoy unlimited money transfer

The interest rate of Timiza loan app is charged at 1.083 percent with a five percent facilitation fee.

The loan limit of Timiza loan app ranges from Ksh50 to a maximum value of Ksh100,000. However, you can stretch your limit by enhancing your activity on the app. All you have to do is be M-pesa subscriber and use other safaricom services to apply for a loan.

Zenka Loan App

The fastest loan paying service- Zenka loan app, is the best news for Kenyans. Zenka offers flexibility to Kenyans, giving them the opportunity to gain access to their finance’s unique qualities with just a tap.

The maximum annual percentage rate charged by Zenka loan app is 75%. The users are required to a processing fee that is 30% on the principal amount. The processing fee ranges from Ksh45 to a maximum Ksh870.

The loan limit of the Zenka loan app ranges from Ksh500 to Ksh30000.

Opeasa Loan App

With Opesa loan app, Kenyans can reliably apply for loan amounts anywhere and anytime. The Opesa loan app is a product of the Tenspot Kenya.

The Opesa loan app charges a service fee that ranges from Ksh100 to Ksh600 for a period of 91 days. This stands for a service fee of 8.9% that the applicant has to pay at the end of 91 days.

The loan limit of Opesa loan app ranges from a minimum value of Ksh2000 to a maximum value of Ksh30000.

The maximum APR (Annual percentage rate) charged by Opesa loan app is 36%.

Utunzi Loan App

Utunzi loan app is the best and the most convenient loan app that is loved by most Kenyans. The best part being, its flexible repayment schedules. The loan gets transferred to the M-pesa account of the user after one has progressively borrowed the loan.

The interest rate charged by Utunzi loan app is variable. If the borrowed amount is paid on time, the users are rewarded with better rates henceforth.

The loan limit of Utunzi loan app ranges from a minimum value of Ksh500 to a maximum value of Ksh100000.

Here is the list of the best five loan paying apps in Kenya. Use them to stabilize your financial situation and enjoy the offers.

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