How to Choose an Insurance Agent in Kenya

When it comes to buying insurance in Kenya, consumers are left at the mercy of insurance agent. Picking the right insurance agent then becomes the headache of most insurance consumers. A good insurance agent will guide you choosing a product that best suits your need and pocket. Here are some of the question you should ask when choosing an insurance agent

Questions to ask when selecting an insurance agent in Kenya 

1. Which company do you work for?

The first question you need to ask when choosing an insurance agent is the company they are representing. As always you will always want to deal with a company of good repute. Identification from the agent will help in assuring you that you got the right guy. Some of the things you can ask are the insurer’s history and the speed at which they settle claims. Their speed of response to customer’s queries will come in handy too. At this rating age, it’s easy to identify the rating of an insurance company, finding where a firm stands on the pecking order will help sift the chaff from the good seeds. Brochures and written material available about the company will go a long way in helping you do more research and thus verify what the agent asserts.

2. What cover do I need?

This is the ultimate question when looking for insurance. The question sets apart the rogue from the real agent.  A good agent takes time to find the clients needs rather than jump to selling particular policy. This means they will do a need based analysis and come up with a cover based on that analysis.

3. What amount of cover do I need?

A number of times when the right calculations are not done, clients end up with a waste of premiums. This means that sometimes incompetent agents will pick an arbitrary figure and thus make you pay more than you really need.

4. How do you get paid?

The way an agent gets his cut determines how they will treat you. It’s obvious the agent gets his cut from the premium you pay.  It’s generally believed that those who get a regular remuneration package are more responsive while those who get commission only are quick to close sales and move on in search of more clients. That particular aspect makes them devote less time on clients needs.

5. How did you get my contacts?

It might sound preposterous to ask this question but believe me there are some crude ways employed to get sales leads. Agents who use these ways will most likely not be trustworthy. Referrals by far are the most ideal ways through which a good agent gets contacts. They also go a long way to indicate the satisfaction from the previous clients.

6. What is your professional background and experience?

As they say experience is the best teacher. An agent who has an insurance background and has worked for a while will be in a better position to deliver a need based product and have lower chances of miss-selling.

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