How to check your NHIF number in case you misplace the card

The NHIF card comes with NHIF number. This is precisely your membership number. This number is critical if you need to transact any business with NHIF but as fate would have it sometimes you may lose the card and thus the number too. In case you just need the number and you are not visiting the hospital you can retrieve the number in one of two ways.

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  1. Call NHIF on their toll free number

Ask for your membership number, they will be glad to assist. While at it you can ask where to go nearest for a replacement of your NHIF card if you have misplaced it.

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  1. Text your ID number to 21101 in the format below

ID*your Id number * e.g. ID 12345678

So ideally you type the word ID in caps then your ID number and send to the short code 21101.

You will receive a reply that will have your NHIF membership number indicated, the last month you paid and the name of your employer

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