How to Get Food Discounts in Nairobi, Kenya

Food Offers and Discounts in Nairobi

Eating out once in a while is a nice way to unwind and while away time. Although if you do not do your math right  you might find yourself with a big hole in your pocket. There are many eating out restaurants in the city of Nairobi some of them are giving  out good foo discounts while serving refreshing meals.

The good thing with eating out in Nairobi is the increasing number of eateries, cafes, and bars popping up almost weekly. This gives you variety and competition that comes with discounted food prices.

Here are a few tricks to help with getting you satisfied without breaking the bank

EatOut Yummy Card

EatOut  offers lots of discounts here

You need to download the EatOut App to be able to access the list of restaurants and the discounts on offer.

Pay with VISA offers 

Visa card has been running campaigns to promote paying with Visa. You get discounts on your meals when you pay with your visa card.

To check out the offers available on your type of Visa card go to Visa Kenya website 

Jumia Food App

Order food online with Jumia Food. Jumia food offers great discounts when you order food with them from most restaurants in Nairobi. When you still get the same good food only you get to choose the ambiance to go with at the comfort of your house.

Be a Mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is yet to take good shape in Kenya but is one of the ways you can have it all at almost no cost at all.

My internet research revealed about four companies that have kicked up mystery shopping in Kenya. They include Buyology,Opinionhero,Mystery shoppers Kenya,Seven generation.

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Use Uber Eats Promo code

You need to download the Uber Eats App .You will find Uber Eats promo code by opening the Uber Eats app, tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right, and then tapping on “free food.

Go to Collect Offers 

At collect offers Kenya site you will find all manner of discounted offers.

Ideally this is a discount listing site. It collects discounts all over the internet in one place


Discoucher has all Buy 1 get 1 Free offers. Discoucher is the first voucher booklet, in Kenya that offers exclusive “buy one get one free” discounts.

How Discoucher works :

  1. Buy your DisCoucher book for KES2,000 and access over 150 vouchers valued at over KES 650,000
  2. Visit the establishment of your choosing, and present the waitress with your physical voucher. Create memories and savor experiences! 
  3. Visit the establishment of your choosing, and present the waitress with your physical voucher. Create memories and savor experiences! 

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