How to choose a good lawyer in Kenya

How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Kenya

There are high stake situations that demand you to get a lawyer. In life you need to protect your interests, and one way of doing this is having reliable and timely legal advice.

In Kenya, you need legal advice while purchasing land, buying or setting up a  business or preparing companies article and memorandum of understanding. You may also need legal representation in court. Someone may take advantage of you like a business partner ignoring an existing contract.

A family lawyer can also act as the executors of a will / estate on one’s passing. You can also give your lawyer power of attorney (POA) so that she can manage your affairs if you become unable to do so.

A lot of families/heirs wrangle over inheritance. A skilled and knowledgeable executor of a will, preferably a lawyer can help draft your will that will not be contested by your heirs and plan for a smooth transition of assets from one generation to the next.

A good lawyer should therefore be someone with integrity, empathy, creativity and good judgement. She should be able to know your objectives and give advice on the

So how do you recruit a competent lawyer?

Lawyers in Kenya are not allowed to advertise their services. So choosing a lawyer is up to you as the client to go out of your way and choose a competent lawyer as your legal advisor.

  1. Ask for referral from friends and relatives.
  2. Ask for their area of specialization /category of practice. We have lawyers who are good in; commercial law, Criminal law, family law, Taxation And Revenue, Personal Injuries & Insurance Law (insurance settlement), Property, Conveyancing, Land Landlord & Tenant, Industrial Relations, Unions & Employment Law, among other  specialties.
  3. You can select and sign an agreement with a law firm as opposed to individual lawyers. This way you will get all your legal advice from one law firm be it commercial issues or family issues.
  4. Check on the Law Society of Kenya website and ensure that the law firm / lawyer is allowed to practice and also note their area of specialization as indicated on the LSK website.
  5. The other factor is the fees. Some law firms may charge a higher fee than others.

By considering the above five maters you will be able to hire a good lawyer in Kenya, that will serve your legal needs.

How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Kenya
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How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Kenya
How to Hire a Good Lawyer in Kenya
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