How to Write a CV( Curriculum Vitae)

A CV (curriculum vitae) or résumé is a summary of your education, skills and experience .The term curriculum vitae is derived from Latin meaning course of life. Although some people want to differentiate a CV from a résumé the general content of these two documents is the same.

The general layout of a CV may vary from person to person but the content format is the same. Here is what should be in your CV.

Contact Details

Here you need to include your full names, your postal address, mobile phone number and email address. There is no need to include your photo or date of birth. The photo my only come in handy if you are applying for a modelling job or in some instances air hostess

Profile or Personal Statement

The profile comes directly below the contact detail, it’s a brief summary of your key attributes and states your reasons for choosing to venture in your specific field. This is supposed to give an in-depth look at you as a person. A good personal profile will focus on the sector you are applying to. It’s a good place to market your personal attributes, experience and skills on brief. It’s advisable to use positive words such as enthusiastic, determined, confident and more.

Educational Background

Present the list of your education in reverse chronological order, work your way backwards from your most recent educational achievement to the very first. Ideally what is needed here is the name of the institution, the dates you attended, the course covered and the grade achieved.

Work experience

What comes here should be relevant to the position you are applying for. If you have experience that is not directly related to the position you are applying its best to omit it. List your experience from the most recent to the very first one. Remember to list the name of the company, the location, the duration worked and the role.

Skills and achievements

This part covers your accomplishments in previous positions and the skills horned over the years through experience.

Here you talk about the IT package you can execute perfectly and any extra language you can speak. This things listed here should be corroborated by you when put to task.

Published works, classes taught or lectures given also fall in this section.

Interests or hobbies

What you include here should paint you in good light. If you are applying to be a journalist you could say you like blogging. If you are applying to be a swimming pool attendant say you like swimming or you are good at swimming.


This is the list of people who know you well. They include people you have worked with and can attest to the skills and experiences you mention in your CV. They could also be your college professor or lecturer. Most companies usually contact your reference to find out more about you so it’s best to contact the person you consider to be your reference before you list them up.

At this point you CV is almost done, there would some little proofreading and spell checks to just to be on the safe side


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