How to get Airtel airtime on credit “Kopa Credo

How to  “Kopa Credo” on Airtel

Airtel Kenya just like Orange (Pewa) and Safaricom (Okoa Jahazi) now offer its subscribers an opportunity to make that important call even when they do not have airtime / money to buy airtime. Airtel through its service Kopa Credo will lend airtime up to 100 shillings with the hope that you will pay it on a letter date when you get the money.

The credit debt is advanced for 72 hours. This means you need to pay it up within that time frame. If you fail to pay within 72 hours you will not be able to borrow until you finish repaying. The advance is paid by recharging your line either with the exact amount or a higher figure.

You can use Kopa Credo airtime to do virtually anything that your normal airtime will do. You can call other networks, make international calls, buy internet bundles, and subscribe to promotions and other offer services.

How to qualify

You need to be an Airtel prepaid subscriber.

You need to have been a subscriber for at least one month.


On your Airtel line dial *310#

1.For Kopa Credo

2.For Kopa Internet

3.For Kopa Unliminet

4.Check debt

5.Check eligibility

99 repay advance

#to quit

Choose one for Kopa credo and pick your preferred amount.

More Info on Kopa Credo

To check your Kopa Credo balance dialing *131#

To check how much you owe dial *310#

Just like any other loan you have a credit limit with this service depending on your credit rating. You can take another loan before paying for the first one if it is within your credit limit.

Just by dialing the short code *310# you get advance credit to call, SMS, browse and keep the connection on all the time.

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