How to send your location using whatsapp

Giving directions generally can be a daunting task. Women are said to be even worse off  at that. It doesn’t have to be so with the changing technologies. If you possess a smart phone, then your life is surely supposed to be smart and easy when it comes to giving directions and your location.

You can easy send your location to people and let them trace you using google maps. This way you can manage the pressure of giving directions to say guys coming to visit you or people attending your party in a location that is not familiar.

When a situations where you need to give people your precise location , here is a simple guide on how to do just that.

What you need

  • A smart phone
  • Working data services or Wi-Fi
  • Turn on location services
  • A working WhatsApp application
  • A clear line of sight for satellite. An open place without obstructions skywards

 The procedure

Go to WhatsApp and click on the contact tab  you what to send directions to.

On the top right hand side there is attachment icon (paperclip icon )

Click on that paperclip icon

It opens up an array of other icons, go to ‘location’

Allow time for it to scan until you see your location

You can also search your location manually on the top right of that page

Once you see your location click on send your current location

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